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Forms | Instructions | the Basics


Guidelines and Requirements - review carefully to ensure you are eligible

Registration Form - students requesting to enroll at NDSU or NDSCS must complete the disclosure addendum. 

Apply for a Tri-College Minor

Appeal Form


(Home campus= where you are enrolled/earning a degree.  Host campus= where want to take the Tri-College class.)

The HOME campus registrar's office is the first contact for questions. 

Download and Save the form(s) to your computer. ("Enable all features" to type in the form.)

  • Complete and Save the form. 
  • Use the email address provided on the form
         *Registration and appeal forms are sent to the home campus registrar. 
         *Tri-College Major forms are sent to the host campus registrar. 
  • Email the completed form(s) as an attachment. ( Additional instructions: "Share file" --> select the mail link in the upper right --> send from the default mail  application --> unclick "attach a link" - PDF must display as an attachment --> address to the registrar's office as indicated on the form.
  • Forms are PDF fillable forms that require free Adobe Reader software
  • Visit how to use PDF fillable form on the Adobe website for help on using Adobe Reader to complete forms

the Basics for Getting Started

Step 1 RESEARCHVisit the class schedule of the host campus and determine the class you would like to take. Review the dates of classes, breaks, and holidays because you will be following the host campus' academic calendar.

Step 2 ELIGIBILITY: Review the Guidelines and Requirements for course exchange to ensure you are eligible

Step 3 SUBMIT: Complete the Tri-College Course Exchange Registration Form and submit it to your HOME campus registrar's office. Always submit forms early because forms are processed in the order they are received at both the home campus and the host campus. Tri-College registration is processed during the host campuses open enrollment period. ??Questions - contact the home campus registrar's office.   

Step 4 CHECK: The completed registration is listed on your home campus course schedule. Keep in mind that registration between campuses is a manual process and extra time is needed for processing. Registration is processed during the open enrollment period at the host campus. 

Step 5 PREPARE: Record the class start date and follow all instructions at the host campus. 

You do not need to do anything else because your tuition, financial aid, academic grades, and credits are all covered and posted by your home institution.

If you have questions, contact your home campus registrar's office and ask to speak to the Tri-College Registration Specialist or contact the Tri-College University office at (701) 231-8170 or email at

Tri-College Registration Guide provides additional information.