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The hallmark Tri-College course exchange agreement allows any student registered at one of the institutions to take one class per semester on one of the other Tri-College campuses at no extra tuition cost (additional program fees may apply) and without going through separate admission procedures.

Examples of course exchange benefits:

• A student may opt to obtain a minor (not offered at their home institution) that perfectly complements their major from one of the partnering schools.
• Required courses that do not fit into a student's schedule, or are full, may be taken at one of the other campuses.
• Elective courses offer diverse opportunities of fun and interest that may not be offered on a student's home campus.
• Designated “covered or pre-" programs allow a student to start their degree of study at one campus before transferring later.

The Tri-College course exchange agreement is your passport to the other campuses.

The course exchange agreement among all five institutions dramatically expands the range of classes available to students and the entire process is easy.

• Register via your home campus registrar’s office.
• Pay tuition to your home campus.
• Receive your grade on your home transcript.

Students simply attend class on the other campus!

NOTE: Class schedules may not align with the home campus calendar/class schedule.