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  • Add a Tri-College minor that strengthens and diversifies your academic transcript. 
  • Take a course that expands your career opportunities.
  • Consider a course that makes you more marketable in your field. 


  • Stay on track for graduation. 
  • Add to your major area of study - branching out or challenge yourself with a tougher class. 
  • M State and NDSCS students can experience other campuses before transferring to a 4-year college in the FM metro. 


  • Experience a different campus - try out a unique class.
  • Attend events - participate in organizations - network with more students. 
  • Not loving your major? Try out other classes before you give up on your degree. 

Benefits of the Tri-College Course Exchange

To be eligible, there are two main requirements

  1. Student must be enrolled for undergraduate courses at the home campus.
  2. The course is not offered at the home campus during the semester the course is needed.   

There are additional requirements, so be sure to review the Course Exchange Guidelines and Requirements on the Forms | Information page

Available for every student

  • Enrolled students at the 5 partner campus can use the course exchange.
  • There is no additional tuition cost*, and no additional admission procedures. 
  • Register for up to two classes, per campus, per semester and without going through separate admission procedures.  

*it may be obvious, but necessary to mention:
a. Every college has classes with special fees (some examples - lab fees, lessons, supplies, etc.) paid by all students in that class. That means if you register for a class with a special fee, students will pay the host institution directly. 
b. The number of credits that you register for will be billed to you at your home institution at the established rate. It would be so sweet ... but course exchange credits are not free.
c. Finally, if you have questions about financial aid, visit the home institution financial aid office to clarify how your financial aid can be used for fees, books, etc. 


--  UPDATE   as of July 1, 2023  --

NDSCS will not be participating in the Course Exchange effective the summer term, 2024.