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  • Add a Tri-College minor that strengthens and diversifies your academic transcript. 
  • Take a course that expands your career opportunities.
  • Consider a course that makes you more marketable in your field. 


  • Stay on track for graduation. 
  • Add to your major area of study - branching out or challenge yourself with a tougher class. 
  • M State and NDSCS students can experience other campuses before transferring to a 4-year college in the FM metro. 


  • Experience a different campus - try out a unique class.
  • Attend events - participate in organizations - network with more students. 
  • Not loving your major? Try out other classes before you give up on your degree. 


--  UPDATE   as of July 1, 2023  --

NDSCS will not be participating in the Course Exchange effective the summer term, 2024.