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Tri-College Collaborations and Events

A Common Culture

Experience the unique personality of each campus through extra-curriculars.

Many campus lectures, sporting events, art exhibits, student productions, and music concerts are free or offer special discounted rates to Tri-College students. Browse the campus newspapers or web sites for upcoming events. Course exchange enrollment in certain classes afford students the opportunity to become members of some student groups or clubs not offered at their home campus. Some clubs/groups encourage membership from all campuses.

The Fargo-Moorhead community is part of your total educational package.

Fargo-Moorhead is consistently ranked as one of the best places to live in the country. The community - a regional center for research, business, communication, finance, health care, entertainment, and education - believes that students play a dynamic role contributing to the fabric of society and are valued in our community.

With a population of more than 225,000 (one of the largest metropolitan areas between Minneapolis and Seattle), the thriving Red River Valley community has a wide variety of fine arts facilities, shopping malls, semi and professional sports, parks, restaurants, and medical facilities. Fargo-Moorhead also retains the advantages of a smaller community - it’s easy to navigate and it is clean, safe and friendly.

Combined resources = better services for the campuses and the community

TCU partnering campuses have long placed a high value on educating students to live and work in a globally-integrated society. The International Programs offices help to arrange student study abroad opportunities and to bring students from other countries to Fargo-Moorhead.