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Tri-College University Program Proposal Criteria

Approval Process

Before submission, determine if the proposed program meets the following criteria:

  • The proposed program is a partnership between at least two of the TCU partnering institutions.
  • The proposed program is consistent with the mission of TCU with a defined purpose to work cooperatively in an effort to enrich the academic environment for the benefit of students, faculty, and the community.

Submit a Request for Approval to the Tri-College University Provost that includes the following information:

  • A detailed narrative of the purpose and history (if applicable) of the proposed program
  • A justification regarding the need for cooperation and why it is not a viable stand-alone program for one campus.
  • A description of community involvement or contributions to the campus community and/or community at large.
  • A detailed operating budget that includes an administrative overhead cost line item, with the amount to be determined (Please contact TCU to discuss)
  • A plan to deal with potential budget shortfalls
  • An operational plan or agreement to address the following, but not limited to:

o   Definition of the program – is this a cooperative program and/or one that will seek accreditation

o   Mission, philosophy, goals/objectives, outcomes, and governance of the program

o   Action steps for implementation

o   Define how resources from individual campuses will be utilized and shared

o   Evaluation Plan

  • An organizational chart to propose administrative reporting and accountability; listing steering committee, campus representatives, the TCU Board of Directors and Provost, program coordinator, etc.  (Examples supplied upon request)
  • An exit strategy and process to dissolve the program. The exit strategy will include conditions and reasons that would trigger dissolution of the program (i.e., budget shortfalls, or inactivity for 3 or more consecutive years, etc.).
  • A signed statement by program administrators agreeing:
    • To turn over complete fiscal oversight and responsibility to the Tri-College University Board of Directors, to be administered by the TCU Provost. The program administrators also agree to attend commissioner and/or board meetings to explain and/or justify budget proposals as the TCU Commissioners and Board of Directors must approve all budgets annually.
    • The identification of the proposed program will be branded as Tri-College University (TCU) – and name of program. Such as Tri-College University Educational Leadership Program and Tri-College University NEW Leadership Institute. The program will not be branded without the Tri-College University prefix.
    • To meet with TCU staff to go over procedures for purchasing supplies, setting up meetings, understanding financial reports, and whatever else is deemed appropriate. 

Meet with Provost with preliminary proposal ideas reviewing the need and purpose of the proposed program. Revise the proposal as advised by the TCU Provost and staff if necessary.

Attend a TCU Commissioners (Vice Presidents/Provosts of Academic Affairs) meeting to present proposal and answer questions. The commissioners will then:

  • Vote to approve and forward the proposal to the TCU Board of Directors.
  • Vote to deny, with recommendations to revise.
  • Vote to deny and not forward to the Board if program does not fall within the mission, criteria and perimeters of Tri-College University.