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Tim Flakoll Assumes Chair of Midwestern Higher Education Compact


OVERLAND PARK, KS; MINNEAPOLIS, MN and FARGO, ND – Tri-College University Provost and former North Dakota State Senator Tim Flakoll assumed the position of commission chair of the Midwestern Higher Education Compact (MHEC) for 2017-18, during the commission’s semi-annual meeting held in Overland Park, KS, on November 13-14. Flakoll was elected vice chair (2016-17) and served a term as treasurer (2015-16).  

L to R: Commissioner Tim Flakoll (ND) receives the MHEC gavel from outgoing Commission Chair Richard Short (KS)


One of four regional higher education compacts in the United States, MHEC is a nonprofit regional organization assisting its 12 member Midwestern states in advancing higher education through interstate cooperation and resource sharing. The primary constituents served by the Midwestern Higher Education Compact are nearly 1,000 public and private non-profit institutions in the member states whose combined enrollments total over 4.2 million students.

Senator Flakoll served as a MHEC commissioner from 2001-2016, as an appointee of the North Dakota Senate. In December 2016, he was appointed a commissioner by North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum.

"I am honored to lead an organization that is a national leader in improving higher education and providing greater individual and public value,” said Flakoll. “MHEC is about engaging some of the best and brightest minds in the Midwest and across the country to improve the efficiency and achievement in higher education. It is about melting away barriers to learning and developing and building upon best practices.”

North Dakota has been a member of the Compact since April 1999. North Dakota higher education institutions, school districts, state and local governments, as well as students and families have saved nearly $7.7 million by using MHEC’s programs and contracts since becoming a member.

“I am grateful for Tim’s leadership as chair this coming year,” said Larry Isaak, MHEC president. “His vast experience as a legislator, serving on the MHEC commission for 17 years, and his service with numerous community, state, and national organizations including a past chair of the Council of State Governments Midwestern Legislative Conference, makes him a strong leader for MHEC and the region.”

Additional North Dakota MHEC Commissioners are: Senator Kyle Davison, North Dakota Legislative Assembly; Dr. Mark Hagerott, chancellor, North Dakota University System; Representative Dennis Johnson, North Dakota Legislative Assembly; and Mr. Don Morton, chair of the State Board of Higher Education. Dr. James Davis, president of Turtle Mountain Community College and Robert Lauf III, policy advisor to Governor Doug Burgum, serve as commissioner alternates.

  2017-18 MHEC Officers: Chair Tim Flakoll (ND), Vice Chair 2017-18 MHEC Officers: Ken Sauer (IN), and Treasurer Olivia Madison (IA)2017-18 MHEC OFFICERS
Chair Tim Flakoll (ND), Vice Chair 2017-18 MHEC Officers: Ken Sauer (IN), and Treasurer Olivia Madison (IA)

Legislatively created, the Midwestern Higher Education Compact’s purpose is to provide greater higher education opportunities and services in the Midwestern region. Collectively, MHEC creates solutions that build higher education’s capacity to better serve individuals, institutions, and states by leveraging the region’s expertise, ideas, and experiences through multi-state: convening, programs, research, and contracts. Member states are: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.