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Course Exchange Registration Information

For those new to Tri-College course exchange, maneuvering the system seems like a puzzle, but it really is very easy. Here's how it works:

First visit the class schedules on the partner campus websites and decide what class you want to take on the other campus.

Once you know what class you would like to take, visit your Registrar's office or website to get a Tri-College Registration form. Complete the one page form and then go to the Registrar's office on your home campus and talk to the TCU Registration Specialist and turn in your form.

Then check your course schedule on line to make sure you are registered and verify when the class starts. Remember, the class calendar at the other campus may not follow the academic calendar of your home institution. So follow the the schedule of the campus where the class is being held.

You do not need to do anything else because your tuition, financial aid, academic grades and credits are all covered and posted by your home institution. If you have any questions, call the registrar's office on your home campus and ask to speak to the Tri-College Registration Specialist or the Tri-College University office at (701) 231-8170.

 Tri-College Registration Guide