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Students attending classes at another campus via Tri-College may park in designated lots as long as you display your current home campus parking permit. If you do not have your home camps parking permit displayed and hanging, you will receive a parking citation. See designated lots below:

Tri-College students must register their car with their home school and the permit must be displayed on the vehicle. Parking for Tri-College students is located in the commuter lot.  Students may park at MH/C SOUTH lots which are located on the south side of 12th Avenue, between 6th and 8th Street, across the street from Olsen Forum/Fieldhouse (this does not include Clinic section) and the southern section of the E lot of East Complex.

Parking permits from the Tri-College institutions must be clearly displayed and are authorized as follows:
Concordia, MSUM, M State and NDSCS student permits are honored in the R lot, TA lot, and Fargodome lots B, C and D.
Concordia, MSUM, M State and NDSCS faculty/staff permits are honored in the T1 lot.

Individuals with state-issued mobility-impaired permits may park in any mobility-impaired space on campus provided the Tri-College Institution permit and the state-issued mobility-impaired permit are clearly displayed in conjunction with one another.

All students registered at M State, Concordia, NDSCS or NDSU possessing an M State, Concordia, NDSCS, or NDSU parking permit may also park in the MSUM "P" and "K" lots for no additional fee.

Visitor lot located on south side of campus.

Will honor the students' home parking pass, but will also provide each student a no-cost visitor pass, which must be displayed when parking on one of the NDSCS campuses.

Motorcycle permits and parking policies vary by campus. You should contact the respective parking offices with questions to see what lot is available for Tri-College student motorcycle parking.

Concordia Parking Office 281.299.3267

NDSU Parking Office 701.231.5771

MSUM Parking Office 218.477.2675

M State Parking Office 877-450-3322

NDSCS Parking Office 701-671-2233