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New Tri-College University Collaboration - Vaccinology Minor

The mission of Tri-College University is to assist Concordia College, Minnesota State University Moorhead and North Dakota State University by promoting cooperative efforts that will enrich the academic environment for the benefit of students, faculty, and the community. The primary purpose of TCU is to maximize opportunities for Tri-College students, faculty, and the community. The collaboration between the Tri-College University partners along with the Greater Fargo Moorhead Development Corporation and Sanford Medical Center will impact student education and research, economic growth in the region and help to improve the health of children and adults on a global basis. 


The Greater Fargo Moorhead Economic Development conducted a study to identify business development opportunities for our region. The study, which incorporated input from the business and academic communities, identified vaccinology as a strategic growth industry. It leverages existing businesses, capitalizes on the strengths of our three four-year universities, and is an industry with strong growth potential.


(vakˈsēn) n. (Medicine)
 A substance used to stimulate the production of antibodies and provide immunity against one or several diseases, prepared from the causative agent of a disease, its products, or a synthetic substitute, treated to act as an antigen without inducing the disease.


(văkˌsə-­‐nŏlˈə-­‐jēˌ) n. The science or methodology of vaccine development. 


Sanford Medical Center $150,000 Vaccinology Professorship Endowment (link)

Vaccinology Press Release (PDF)

Vaccinology Fast Facts (PDF)



Students may also contact the following professors for information regarding Vaccinology Minor Scholarships.

Concordia College     Dr. Jennifer Bath      (218) 299-4995 

Minnesota State University Moorhead  Dr. Mark Wallert  (218) 477-5007 

North Dakota State University   Dr. Charles Peterson (701) 231-7609 


1)   To align opportunities at the Tri-College campuses with emerging life sciences business and economic development strategies.

2)   To develop a vaccinology minor and/or certificate program by using or modifying existing curriculum to achieve desired goals.

3)  To create a partnership between institutions, similar to the Educational Leadership program, where multiple campuses collaborate to provide the entire curriculum necessary for the minor/certificate.

4)   To regularly review the program to measure its success, and determine if there is interest by campuses in growing/expanding the program into an academic major that produces degrees in target areas. 


1)   Increase Fargo-Moorhead’s reputation as a destination for quality education and a science community. 

2)   Improve the health of children and adults on a global basis. 

3)   Increase the retention rate of Tri-College graduates in our metro area.

4)   Produce graduates with excellent local job opportunities in well paying careers.

5)   Increase academic and economic diversity. 

6)   Increase alignment between business needs and workforce development initiatives.

7)   Help take control of the Fargo- Moorhead community’s future as we target business growth needs.

8)   Help create an environment where high growth businesses will thrive. 

9)   Create additional internship opportunities for students.


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