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Tri-College Provost Tim Flakoll selected as Chairman-elect for the Council of State Governments Group

Published: 26 July 2012
Tri-College University Board Chair NDSU President Dean Bresciani announces

Tim Flakoll, Provost of Tri-College University has been selected as Chairman-elect (Second Vice-president) of the Council of State Governments’ (CSG) Midwest Legislative Conference (MLC) at their annual conference in Cleveland, Ohio.  The organization is comprised of eleven Midwestern states and has four Canadian Provinces that are affiliated members.  When combined these Midwestern states make up the fourth largest economy in the world.

As Chairman, Flakoll will preside at all meetings of the MLC and MLC Executive Committee.  Flakoll will be responsible for the appointment of officers for committees and the appointment of delegates to other intergovernmental groups seeking MLC representation.  The Chair is responsible for establishing annual conference goals and priorities and will serve as host of the MLC Annual Meeting in 2015 when North Dakota will be the host state.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to more strategically lead the Midwest region with the spirit of collaboration and a shared focus on problem solving. When the Midwest thrives it is good for North Dakota and the United States and I look forward to this leadership opportunity” Flakoll said. 

The organization was founded in 1933 as a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to excellence in state government. The purpose of the MLC is to strengthen and improve state government and to encourage intergovernmental cooperation between the three branches of government.

“Flakoll has served as the Co-Chair of the CSG Midwest’s Agriculture and Natural Resources committee and people have appreciated the vision, energy and can-do attitude that he has brought to the leadership of that committee.  His success and the respect he has earned as Co-Chair of that committee and on education and economic development issues made him an easy selection during the election process” according to Senate Majority Leader Rich Wardner.

Flakoll is provost of Tri-College University, which is higher education collaboration between Concordia College, Minnesota State University Moorhead and NDSU.